American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey

Available now from Tor! Rating: 5/5 I adore American Hippo. This enchanting rough and tumble alternative history of the South infested by feral hippopotamus, an animal introduced to America as an alternative meat resource which has since run awry, is sure to captivate readers seeking an inclusive Western-feeling caper. The sheer joy I found in … Continue reading American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey


The Interestings ~ Meg Wolitzer

Rating: 3/5 This is one of the most long winded books I've read in quite a while. Wolitzer's characters are so in depth, the stories she winds together take a while to tell. I certainly enjoyed uncovering the stories these characters had to share. Although, they were far from interesting, and much more mundane than … Continue reading The Interestings ~ Meg Wolitzer