White Boy Shuffle ~ Paul Beatty

Date Completed: (10/24/2015) Rating: 10/10 White Boy Shuffle is truly an amazing read. I highly recommend giving this book a try if you’ve never experienced Beatty’s way with words before. As a white person, this book made me uncomfortable at times, but mostly I was just thinking how a lot of the really heavy statements … Continue reading White Boy Shuffle ~ Paul Beatty

The Strange Library ~ Haruki Murakami

Date Completed: 10/25/2015 Rating: 6/10 Along the same lines as La Cabeza, por Pedro Cabiya, The Strange Library is a whirlwind fantasy. Murakami spins a story like something out of a nightmare, a very strange nightmare where people and animals are interchangeable and everyone understands each other without speaking the same language. His language choice was … Continue reading The Strange Library ~ Haruki Murakami

Gone Girl ~ Gillian Flynn

Date Completed:  11/23/2015 Rating: 8/10 Although initially filled with patriarchal bs, Flynn hit the mark with this book. A recommendation from a friend, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth to which the plot went. The twists were amazingly unpredictable (no pun intended). Her writing style was excellent, but more than that, her story felt relatable, … Continue reading Gone Girl ~ Gillian Flynn

SkirtSteak ~ Charlotte Druckman

Date Completed: (10/22/2015) Rating: 4/10 At first glance, this book is oozing feminist thought, from the pink accent pages to the concept behind the book: women chefs in America. Unfortunately, the book does not deliver its promise. Druckman brutally reinforces gender roles and gender stereotypes. The way she compiles the information she gathered from 73 female … Continue reading SkirtSteak ~ Charlotte Druckman

If Today Be Sweet ~ Thrity Umrigar

Date Completed: (10/16/2015) Rating: 7.5/10 A mother’s story chronicling her children’s lives and the lives of the children next door, Umrigar spins a fabulous tale that removes the importance of chronology and gives a breath of fresh air to those of us whose minds jump from one decade to the next constantly. Although I initially felt … Continue reading If Today Be Sweet ~ Thrity Umrigar

Their Eyes Were Watching God ~ Zora Neale Hurston

Date Completed: (9/8/2015) Rating: 7.5/10 Written in 1937, the writing style of this book was incredible. Their Eyes Were Watching God is a fantastic tale of a woman named Janie born and raised in the South who goes through three marriages and the lessons she learns along the way. Although I found the spelling during this … Continue reading Their Eyes Were Watching God ~ Zora Neale Hurston