The Strange Library ~ Haruki Murakami

Date Completed: 10/25/2015

Rating: 6/10

Along the same lines as La Cabeza, por Pedro Cabiya, The Strange Library is a whirlwind fantasy. Murakami spins a story like something out of a nightmare, a very strange nightmare where people and animals are interchangeable and everyone understands each other without speaking the same language. His language choice was simple; “Like a blind dolphin, the night of the new moon silently drew near;” yet descriptive and transported me into the library he was describing. By the end of the story, I felt like I could have been that boy. The pictures were also intriguing. They often were related to the trajectory of the story, but I couldn’t always find a connection so easily. The first page of the book was the cover, which was a bold choice, as often the cover and first few pages are classified as the entryway to a book.

Murakami was born 1949 in Japan. This is his only illustrated novella thus far, although he’s written many novels and three short stories.

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