This One Summer ~ Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

Date Completed: (6/5/2015)

Rating: 8/10

This was a really good read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in real-life snapshots of teenagers.

This One Summer left me feeling very confused about where the story went. It was beautifully drawn, although the mother looked really old and I wasn’t sure why. I really wanted them to be lesbians. Also I was sad that the kids only had snapshots of what was going on with the two boys and the two girls… I was upset that Rose didn’t have much character development.

One scene that sticks in my mind is when Rose sees Jenny at the Historic Heritage Huron Museum and the boys are really rude to Jenny in front of Rose. I was disappointed that Rose carried on calling Jenny a slut even though Windy and her parents didn’t approve. From a social worker point of view, I saw a lot of parallels between how she felt about herself and her mother and how she felt about girls as a whole. She projected what how her mother acts onto all other women and that was sad.

I think I’m better about talking about my feelings than Rose is, but I definitely went through a period of my life when I rejected women because I hated the way my mom acted and how stupid women were portrayed in horror films, much like Rose.

They’re at Awago Beach, which I think is on Lake Huron.

A culmination of the whole book is kind of, “I thought that things would go back to normal. I guess they sort of are.”

Jillian Tamaki grew up in Calgary, Alberta. She is also an illustrator and writer, and has done some writing for Adventure Time and the Christian Science Monitor. She seems pretty cool. Mariko is her cousin and co-creator of graphic novels. She has another book called Skim and a new book coming out this year.

Here is her Tumblr:

And her website:


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