Their Eyes Were Watching God ~ Zora Neale Hurston

Date Completed: (9/8/2015) Rating: 7.5/10 Written in 1937, the writing style of this book was incredible. Their Eyes Were Watching God is a fantastic tale of a woman named Janie born and raised in the South who goes through three marriages and the lessons she learns along the way. Although I found the spelling during this … Continue reading Their Eyes Were Watching God ~ Zora Neale Hurston


Life After Life ~ Kate Atkinson

Date Completed (9/12/2015) Rating: 5.5/10 A fairly popular book, this story intrigued me. I initially picked it up because of it’s cover, and checked it out from the library without so much as reading the inside cover.  I was not so much a fan of her writing style as I was the story she wrote and … Continue reading Life After Life ~ Kate Atkinson

Little Princes ~ Connor Grennan

Date Completed: (8/1/2015) Rating: 6/10 Connor, the main character of this memoir, is somewhat aware of his privilege. This is why I would recommend it, although not terribly highly. He journeys to Nepal by chance, picking the little town of Godavari and the orphanage called Little Princes out of a hat as a volunteer abroad experience. … Continue reading Little Princes ~ Connor Grennan