The Fixer Upper ~ Mary Kay Andrews

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Date Completed: 11/29/2015

Rating: 5/10

A classic tale of romance with the classic tragic backstory of the 30 something woman… however Andrews’ writing style was excellent and I breezed through this book. It’s a perfect read if you want to just read a book that has ups and downs and makes you feel human.

Dempsey Killebrew, the granddaughter of a family split between the Dempseys and the Killebrews is akin to the divide that separates Montagues and the Capulets. The only remaining family member who witnessed the divide, Ella Kate, loathes Dempsey right off the bat, believing Dempsey to be a Killebrew through and through. Meanwhile Dempsey has invested countless hours into getting as far away as possible from legal trouble that she found herself in, as it is apparent from the beginning of the novel that she’s being framed by her former employer.

I wonder about the rigid gender roles present in this novel, and the classic two men arguing over one woman vibe that Andrews presents. Of course, I’m rooting for the classic clean guy that does good deeds and gently wins Dempsey’s heart, but what about all the other characters? Why are they inherently not worthy of her time?

With the ease of this book, I’m sure all of Andrews’ other books are beach reads, good for a break from life and a fun adventure. I believe she has 13 novels out currently, her newest about Christmas. Andrews is her pen name, and she has 10 mystery books written under her birth name. She was originally a journalist, and she grew up and resides in the South.



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