Blood, Bones, and Butter ~ Gabrielle Hamilton

Date Completed: 12/4/15

Rating: 10/10

A story that bounces over the numerous experiences of her life that has made her the woman she is today and the chef she is today, Hamilton’s book is wonderfully crafted. Her MFA in writing was not wasted, as she’s written a beautiful book filled with clever imagery. Her style is outstandingly snarky, which I love, yet she paints clear beautiful pictures out of the moments in her life. She doesn’t leave any details to be desired, as she covers all the bases of the five senses, particularly lingering on taste and smell, which I feel are often forgotten.

Her temper is beautiful, and she discusses in length her distaste for the human race and love for food. At one point she notes,“I lost my vacation to a seething, hot black rage that crawled up the back of my neck and covered my head and nose and mouth until I was suffocated by it and could barely breathe and certainly could not speak or make eye contact. It’s true; I tend to run a little hot.” Her relationship with her husband is certainly interesting, and I respect her analysis of this relationship. In a similar situation I may not have had the guts to write about my own relationship so bluntly, fondly, and disgustedly all at once.

A bit of an idol of mine, Gabrielle Hamilton holds an  MFA in creative writing and received three James Beard awards for best chef in New York City in 2011, 2012, and 2015. I discovered her by reading SkirtSteak, a not-so-feminist “feminist” book about women chefs in America by Charlotte Druckman. You can find out more about her by reading her wonderful book!


4 thoughts on “Blood, Bones, and Butter ~ Gabrielle Hamilton

    1. I think so. I read it to my roommate, and some of my friends heard part of it, and we had fun talking about it. It was intriguing because we weren’t totally sure what was going to happen next or why she was doing the things she was doing.


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