The Yellow Wallpaper ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Date Completed: 11/8/15

Rating: 10/10

I know I just said that I didn’t like short stories, but I have to say, this was an amazing read. The Yellow Wallpaper was written in 1890, but reads almost like a modern tale of a woman confined to her bedroom because of her sickness. This story leads the reader on an epic adventure through the realities and intersectionality of health, mental health, and fantasy, and the ending is amazing. I went through the whole story expecting a basic ending but intrigued by the writing style and imagery, but when I found myself at the end I was still reeling from the whether or not I even truly understood what anything was. It amazes me that as a society we are still struggling with the acceptance and understanding of the concepts detailed in this story, namely women, mental health, and the patriarchy.


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