Trigger Warning ~ Neil Gaiman

Date Completed: 11/8/15

Rating: 4/10

I have to admit, I did not finish this book. I am not a fan of short stories. However, I did read more than half of this book before finally putting it down. I have to say, the last story, “Black Dog”, and “The Thing about Cassandra”, followed closely by “A Calendar of Tales”, were my favorites out of the ones I was able to get through.

“The Black Dog” was predictable, yet delightful. “The Thing about Cassandra”, on the other hand, took an unexpected twist. While this element was highlighted strongest in the juxtaposition of these two novels, Gaiman’s short stories kept me constantly guessing at whether they would end predictably, or remain unpredictable to the twisted end. Unfortunately, that’s also what lost my interest.

“A Calendar of Tales” was a strange compilation of seemingly random blurbs that may or may not have been interconnected in any way. Regardless, I found it’s simplicity delightful, and each short story within this short story left me wanting more.

Neil Gaiman is a popular author of many books. I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of them (probably Coraline or The Graveyard Book). However, while I am a fan of many of his other novels, I don’t feel that this really achieved what it set out to do. I’d recommend picking up a different book or finding him at a Moth event when there’s one near you.


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