Crescent ~ Mary Jane Capps


Date Completed: 12/27/15

Rating: 7/10

I was initially put off by this cover, but I found this book remarkably well-written and the storyline ran parallel to what I believe, which is a tactic I find usually works well. I like reading fiction that is believable because it is uncanny.

Our two heroines, Stella and Colette, take on the weighty prospect of uncovering and treading through new and old relationships. It’s a beautiful coming of age story with a twist: traditional magic is involved. You’ve got it, these two bring us back to the old ouija board, tarot cards, and handmade potions in their quest to uncover the truth about their families. I think it really worked well for Capps, as usually magic runs rampant in YA novels, but there was just enough supernatural-ness for intrigue without it being overbearing and disconcerting.

Set in New Orleans, Stella and Colette not only dabble in magic as they discover meaning in their relationships, but they explore the complexities that come with living in the South, such as backgrounds of racial tension that date to the beginning of the U.S. Varying religious and spiritual beliefs was a theme as well, as Stella in particular struggled through what felt right for her. She even found herself in several deep conversations with a priest that resulted in profound statements such as, “When you give people permission to be human, Stella, they will amaze you with their divinity.” All of the characters were working through their own flaws and beliefs, and it gives readers permission to be different and have different struggles. I appreciate that in a book. It feels real. Capps did a wonderful job of incorporating foreshadowing as well, just enough hints without giving everything away.

Mary Jane Capps currently lives in South Carolina and writes when she feels inspired. Here is her website.

I received a copy of this book via a mutual friend for an honest review.

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