Fixed ~ Doug Piotter

Fixed is fixed–Pre-order today | doug piotter

Date Completed: 1/2/15

Rating: 6/10

Piotter certainly has lived a whirlwind of a life. He seems to be doing well for himself as a recovering addict ex-convict with his wife, job, and dog. It’s certainly wonderful that he’s been given the chance to redeem himself after he scorned that chance time and time again.

His memoir shows his life through an objective lens while he interjects with what he learned along the way.

However, I found the flow of the story very difficult to navigate. The book was comprised of seventy-seven chapters, and each was a short narrative about an event in his life. Perhaps because these were written in a short story style, each story did not necessarily relate to the story before or after it. Additionally some of the sentences were choppy and the word choice proved difficult to follow.

That being said, the moral of the story was a prevalent theme, and Piotter presents that to his readers effectively. He challenges the idea that people can’t change, and is constantly willing to give people a second chance, including himself. It is miraculous to me how accepting his whole family seems to be.

I love the way he talks about his dogs. Doug Piotter says, “One of my most haunting regrets was that I gave away my dog Tork. As a living amends, I rescued Zinc, just like my wife had done for me. We’ve both never had it so good.” Again, Piotter seeks to give others the second (or third or fourth) chance that he was given. It’s apparent that no matter how many times people do things wrong, they deserve the chance to redeem themselves and still have it within themselves to change.

Doug Piotter is now a construction worker. He’s on WordPress, and of course you can read more about him in his memoir! If you’re a fan of reading about action packed and reckless behavior paired with a much-needed and successful turnaround, you may enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Sage’s Blog Tours for an honest review.


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