Bullet Journalling

Full disclosure: I’m a journaller. I love writing pen and paper. Now my questions to you is, have you heard of bullet journalling? It may just be a trick for 30-40 year old soccer moms to feel more organized. BUT, all the posts about it are really, really pretty and I am now considering starting one. I’m not sure I have enough discipline or if it would actually slow down my creative juices, but they’re just so pretty.

I borrowed this picture from BohoBerry. You should check her out, she’s very creative and everything she turns out is beautiful.
I think I’ve convinced myself to at least try it, although perhaps not a traditional bullet journal style because I like writing too much. We’ll see where I end up!


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journalling

  1. This. Is. Gorgeous! I’m new to journaling, (really I should say I’m new to journaling for more than a week without wanting to rip the completed pages and my hair out) and this looks so easy to do! I’m definitely going to give this a whirl!

    P.S. I found your blog on bookbloggerlist.com, and I’ve always wanted to be an editor too!


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