On the Primitive Way ~ Landon Roussel

Date completed: 1/19/16

Rating: 5.5/10

The general story was quite interesting. He reconnected with his brother through a spiritual journey called the Way in Spain. Their conversations widely ranged in topic, and it was a simple tale. I liked how Roussel interspersed the journey with tales of his brother and their relationship. Semi-autobiographical, partially his brother’s story, this was a very personal book.

I had a hard time with the writing style and grammar. There were typos and many errors that made this book difficult to understand at times. The print and spacing were both large which enabled me to get through this book quickly, but I think a good editing and proofreading would’ve done this journey some good.

I also had trouble with the beginning that discussed being “addicted” to weed. I think there was more going on there that perhaps wasn’t discussed as well as it could have been.
I did learn some historical things about Spain and some contemporary knowledge about the prison system that made this book more worth my while. I would have liked to hear more descriptors about the actual walk. I think that’s what I went in looking for from this book. The ending did elicit an emotional reaction from me, as I felt very involved in these brothers’ relationship. For that, I commend you, Roussel.

Roussel walked the way three times and was inspired to write this book after the death of his brother. He also writes this blog and is a doctor in Louisiana.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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