Fangirl ~ Rainbow Rowell

Date Completed: 2/24/16 Rating: 10/10 This is a story that I've been looking forward to for weeks. I mean, there is literally so much hype all over the internet and I've not read a single review (yet) that was below five stars (although now of course I'm going to have to find one). What separates … Continue reading Fangirl ~ Rainbow Rowell

Exilon 5 ~ Eliza Green

Date Completed: 2/21/16 Rating: 6.5/10 Although this book started out slow, the pace built throughout the story and I ended it wanting more. It's 2163 and some people have moved from the dying planet Earth to a new planet called Exilon 5. Why the transition? It's a little unclear, but it seems that Earth fell … Continue reading Exilon 5 ~ Eliza Green