World War Z ~ Max Brooks

World War Z

Date Completed: 1/31/16

Rating: 6/10

The premise for this novel was exceptional. Brooks wrote a zombie fiction as a history, and I think it’s a remarkably unique style in an era of zombie novels. I listened to the audiobook as part of a challenge, and I loved the casting. There were so many voices and I loved how the tale included opinions from people all over the world (obviously falsified as this is a fictional story). That the disease was a worldwide phenomenon and affected everyone in different ways was a successful aspect of World War Z.

Unfortunately, it just really didn’t hold its appeal or intrigue me beyond the setup to the story. I don’t particularly like having books read aloud to me, and I don’t particularly like reading history books. Perhaps that was where this novel fell short, as I can’t seem to pinpoint anything the author did wrong on his end for me to dislike this book. In the end, I just don’t have much to say about this novel.

Max Brooks also wrote The Zombie Survival guide, its graphic companion, and apparently some comic books as well. He’s also an actor and screenwriter.


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