Breathless ~ Dean Koontz

140. Breathless (Dean Koontz)

Date Completed: 1/31/2016

Rating: 7.5/10

This is the sweet, innocent story of murder. This thriller is probably intended to leave you Breathless, and there’s a lot going on. Koontz follows the separate trajectories of five main characters. Typically when authors have separate points of view for their characters, they intend for them to match up or run parallel in some way. I found it fascinating that although the stories did run parallel to each other, Koontz waited until nearly the end before overlapping each trajectory.

The character development is well timed. Each character is very different and the reader is left to fit together the pieces of seemingly different puzzles. Koontz wove science fiction into horror into fiction and back again for each different character. It felt almost like a mixed media rendition of a story.

Although most of this story left me excited and imaginative, parts were too snarky and its humor occasionally left a bad taste in my mouth. It was as though Koontz were making his presence known in the book by interjecting where it felt unnatural for that character to interject. I wasn’t discouraged by these moments in the book, however. Just read on!

It’s a light read that was light-hearted despite its dark tones. Koontz didn’t seem to be pushing any agenda, but rather lighting up emotions and imaginations. It works for me, as it kept me easily entertained. As with all good books, I found it hard to break at the end of each chapter and found myself saying, “Just one more, and then I swear I’ll go to bed!”

Koontz lives in SoCal with his wife and their golden retriever (who made it onto the back cover!). He writes primarily horror, but spans many genres with his dozens of books. My favorite so far is Innocence!


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