The depth of one day; If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If I Stay" by Gayle Forman | Books I want to Read | Pinterest

Date Completed: 2/3/2016

Rating: 7/10

This book spans just over one day. The time frame is 7:09am-7:16am the next day, roughly. There are no chapters, just flashbacks and notes of the time passing to orient the reader. It was a seamless book, and looking back on it now that I’ve reached the end, I was impressed with how Forman covered the course of one day.

The flashbacks correspond with Mia’s thoughts about her life as she weighs her options. It really is amazing how many books I’ve read lately that have flashbacks to show the reader character development! These flashbacks lend themselves to the story and are hardly intrusive. It pays to feel the depth of their family love, and I’m grateful for the experience Forman gave me through the relationships in this book.

I knew the plot beforehand, yet I was still in shock when the accident occurred. Because my experience wasn’t marred, I’m going to mention one spoiler, so quit now if you don’t like spoilers! Mia gets into a car accident and goes into a coma. She’s left with the choice of whether to stay alive, or die. If that sounds really dramatic, that’s because it is. In true YA fashion, this book is full of drama, and of course the topic is heavy. Forman gracefully navigates the story in a way that could lend itself to any relationship drama from light to heavy, so don’t worry too much if heavy isn’t your thing. You will probably enjoy this book if you like getting caught up in relationships and sweet memories. This book also hits heavy on the family relationship piece, a good heartwarming 90’s family dram-com.

Anyways, enough rambling, I enjoyed the book, the character development was wonderful, writing style flowed easily, and I recommend this book for anyone who likes YA novels. It didn’t make me think too hard, which was a little disappointing considering the feedback I heard from a couple of my friends, but take it with a grain of salt; it’s a short book, but it felt good to read.

For quotes, check out my livetweets @showbooklove! This book was snarky at times and quotable for sure.

Gayle Forman is the author of several YA novels and has a blog!


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