Six of Crows ~ Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1) by Leigh Bardugo — Reviews ...

Date Completed: 2/13/2016

Rating: 8/10

This book was beyond emotionally complicated for me. There was a lot of hype surrounding this book, and I’m not sure if it lived up to my expectations around it. I loved the sweet romances, I enjoyed every character, although it seemed a little heavy on the Nina-Matthias drama. As you may have heard already if you’ve heard anything about this book, the tale follows six main characters on a heist. Each chapter specifically follows one of the crew members, but it’s all written in third person and quite easy to follow that way.

Bardugo orchestrated the character development wonderfully. I loved how she patiently doled out information about their past and personalities subtly. Each time we learned more about a character’s past, it was because they were re-experiencing part of their life that drastically shaped their personality. Character development was the strongest part of Six of Crows. That’s what’s going to bring me back when the second book is published.

The world was beautifully crafted. I liked how much conflict there was in this book. I felt it was very appropriate and created a good amount of tension. And of course I love having maps in the beginning of the book, if only because it helps me believe the world more. Bardugo used the same world she wrote about in the Grisha trilogy, which I’ve not yet read. The world is inspired primarily by Russia and Germany and is a predominantly cold setting. Visit her website to learn a little more about the world; Bardugo includes recipes, maps, and pronunciation guides so readers can partake in the world as thoroughly as possible. This is probably why the fan base thrives so much; Bardugo makes sure there are lots of additives for readers to delve into.

Leigh Bardugo has a background in writing and has lived in quite a few different places it seems. Again, check out her website cause it’s just really well designed, much like Six of Crows.


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