So I started bullet journalling…

And it doesn’t look quite like what pictures you typically see, but bullet journalling is supposed to be about what works for the person using it. So I figured I’d take you on a walk through some of my less personal pages so you can see what I’ve done so far!

Here is the journal I’m using – I made it a little while ago when I was taking a bookforms class at my college:

A lot of people like using grid-lined notebooks, but I’m enjoying this blank book. Also I really like the way the pages feel (if you want your own custom made link-stitch book you can find some good ones here, made by my dear roommate). As you might notice, I’ve been keeping post-it tabs on the pages I want to be able to find quickly. I’m not one to mess around with Tables of Contents in regular books, and I’m not about to start in my journal. I need something quick and self explanatory.

I have a couple of full page spreads, you can see below my Internship Hours and my Gratitude pages. I also have a couple of checklists for the book challenges that I’m participating in (not displayed below). My little blog tracker bar (which is still evolving) is a fun way to see how far I’ve come and to notice which days I gained more followers and what that might be linked to, as well as to remember to be interacting with the blogging community on a regular basis. My intention is to remember to be giving back as much as I am or am wanting to receive!

Lately I’ve been vamping up my info about the day. I starting including the weather (both an indicator of rain/sunshine and temperature) as well as what time the sunrise is. I’ve been struggling to wake up in the dark every day. It’s helpful to know that the sun is going to be up closer to when I’m up each day. I can’t wait for it to be sunny when I first get up!

It’s also been good to have a little more of a creative outlet lately through this. Since I’m sitting down every single day with my journal, I can draw or spend time trying out different lettering, and practicing things. I obviously don’t get everything right (if you haven’t noticed yet, I spelled gratitude wrong). But it’s okay because I don’t have to share this with anyone. What’s important is that I’m having fun with it, and it has been fun so far.

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