Top Three Pens

I have a lot of feelings about pens. I write every single day, especially since I started bullet journalling.  As a student, I’ve had lots of run-ins with pens. Losing them EVERYWHERE, loaning them to people in class, loaning them out when collecting surveys, and the classic pen explodes during class. I’m sure you’ve experienced at least one of these things. Fortunately I’ve also been loaned pens, found other people’s lost pens, and been given pens by masters programs, offices, etc. Here are a few of my favorite pens and why:

1. Uni-Ball Vision Needle
This is my new favorite pen. I ran into it when I was working for the Advancement office at my college. I typically use ball tipped pens, but this is a bit fancier than that and has a vision tip that glides across paper. It’s not a professional art pen, but it sure feels like one. I use it for writing, drawing, signing, absolutely everything because it works so well! My only complaint is that you can leave the tip touching any surface or it will leave a huge ink stain.

2. Pilot G2 – 0.5mm
Typically people use the G2 0.7 millimeter, but I prefer the 0.5 and I’ll tell you why; the thin tip writes clearly and is great for fine letter, drawing thin lines, or signing in a small box. The ink goes further with this pen because you’re putting less down on each page. This pen comes in a wide range of colors, I prefer the maroon if you’re into non-trad colors. Also if you can find a thick grip Pilot pen, you can fill it with any pen cartridge, I had one for a while that I loved, but sadly it fell into the category of pens that are lost and never found. What’s wrong with this pen? If you’re not writing on a hard surface, you’re liable to break the paper with the thin tip.

3.Bic 1.5mm Ball Point pen
This is a pen that you can giveaway or use as needed. It’s not the standard ballpoint pen, but it costs the same as one, and it’s disposable. I keep these on hand for a number of reasons. Anytime someone asks me for a pen, I have a cheap disposable that I don’t mind loaning out and never having it returned. It writes thicker than most pens, so its handy to have around for large print or higher visibility needs. The color is a good dark black, not a flimsy gray like some disposable ballpoint pens.

So there you have my take on pens! As someone who loves to write, if you have any pen related suggestions, by all means recommend away in the comments below!

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