Embroideries ~ Marjane Satrapi

Date Completed: 3/27/16 Rating: 9/10 I embarked on this journey not knowing anything about this book. Sometimes I really like to just pick up a book blindly, not having read the back cover or heard anything about the book. This is due in part to the fact that I judge books by their covers. So … Continue reading Embroideries ~ Marjane Satrapi

Sculptor ~ Scott McCloud

Date Completed: 3/17/15 Rating: 8/10 Neil Gaiman claims this is the best graphic novel he's read in "a while". While it's not the best graphic novel I've read in a while, I do believe this story was fantastic. Sculptor starts off with the stereotypical whiny starving artist trope, as our protagonist, David, lives in New York and … Continue reading Sculptor ~ Scott McCloud

“21” The Story of Roberto Clemente ~ Wilfred Santiago

Date Completed:3/6/16 Rating:8/10 This is a story not only about baseball, but about Puerto Rico's absorption into the US and impact that had on Clemente and his friends and family. The graphic novel format lends itself to the many dimensional concept of life, and allows the reader to experience news papers, TV, letters, declarations, and … Continue reading “21” The Story of Roberto Clemente ~ Wilfred Santiago