What She Knew ~ Nadine Feldman

Date Completed: 2/29/16


I have to say I don’t like the cover. I don’t think it speaks to what this book is really about. The girl on the cover looks nothing like our protagonist, and the floating binary code leads me to believe there will be more to do with the science behind stock market trading than I found in this book.

Liz Nabor, a stock market trader on Wall Street who has built up her reputation and made millions doing so, suddenly finds herself involved in a scandal. Meanwhile, her aunt Edna is on her last leg, and asking Liz to make a trip from New York to sleepy Washington. Liz makes time to go just as shit hits the fan, fortunately in time to make amends with her estranged aunt.

The character development in this book was solid. I didn’t find myself head over heels for any of the characters, however. Liz and most of the main characters were believable, but many of the side characters seemed distant and overly dramatic. I also wasn’t a fan of the love interest. Allen and Liz seemed disjointed and their romance was awkwardly spliced into the story.

The strongest part Feldman’s story is the relationship between Edna, Liz, and Barbara. ¬†Their family ties bring them together in the worst of times, much as family tends to do in real life. None of their relationships with each other were perfect, but they were realistic.

I didn’t quite understand what Feldman’s stance on feminism was in this book. Liz is a powerful and successful businesswoman who also was sweet enough and well trusting enough to get involved in something that wasn’t in her best interest. Feldman discusses feminism in the media surrounding Liz’s downfall, but it’s hard to tell whether Feldman was encouraging support or disapproval of Liz’s chosen career. Perhaps the point was more to raise a discussion surrounding feminism in women’s job choice, rather than to insert her own opinions.

While I wouldn’t normally choose a book like this for my leisure reading, I’m glad I had the chance to pick this up. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and found myself laughing, shouting, and loudly expressing my feelings to my roommate.

Nadine Galinsky Feldman has a website and has written several other books. She likes to travel and lives on the Olympic Peninsula.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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