Hark! A Vagrant ~ Kate Beaton

Date Completed: 3/17/16

Rating: 6/10

I expected this book to be a lot better than it was. I was sorely disappointed. I think this would make an amazing comic, but as a book I think it missed the mark for me. It was hardly cohesive, and the history jumped back and forth through time with little rhyme or reason. I am curious as to why Beaton put the comics in the order they were in. Was it chronological to the order she wrote them in? Occasionally the subject matter was related, like when she put the series of Nancy Drew comics together.

I did find myself laughing out loud quite often. The comics were often filled with smart humor that took a certain knowledge of history, which I sadly found myself sometimes lacking, particularly with slightly more obscure literature that’s not often required reading in school. I followed her on Tumblr and hope that her comics in bite-sized pieces will prove to be more enjoyable.

Kate Beaton is a Canadian comics artist. She has a Tumblr and a website where she posts Hark! A Vagrant comics.


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