Please, God, Find Me a Husband: Simone Lia



Date Completed: 3/17/16

Rating: 5/10

I picked up this book because I liked the back cover and wanted to give it a try. I have to say I’m glad I did. I found this book funny in a quirky introverted kind of way. A memoir, Lia writes about her travels and adventures to find a husband. She is set on finding a husband because she feels like it’s time she gets married and moves on to that part of her life, but she continuously has a discussion with herself about what God wants for her.

I like the way she puts what she’s thinking into pictures. That format was really effective for the themes in this book.

The ending was somewhat disappointing for me. I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say it didn’t feel like there was any kind of conclusion. Simone Lia also wrote Fluffy, and is publishing a sequel to that soon. You can view some of her work here:


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