Castro ~ Reinhard Kleist

Castro: A Graphic Novel ISBN 9781551525945 PDF epub | Reinhard Kleist ...

Date Completed: 3/17/15

Rating: 6.5/10

These drawings were in a very different style than what I am used to seeing for graphic novels, but the style was very pertinent to the story line. Lots of sharp angles, and the style fit in perfectly with the way Castro and Che are portrayed in the media.

A biography, this story was told from a fictional perspective of a photo journalist who traveled alongside Castro during the Cuban revolution and told the biographical story of Castro’s life, adventures and misadventures. I like how the author portrayed both the good and the bad sides to the Revolution and socialism, as to say it is either entirely bad or entirely good is obviously inaccurate, as we can see from Cuba’s recently very rich history of trial and error. I loved the chance to hear some of the more personal stories from Castro’s life, particularly his youth. Some of the parts about war I breezed through, as those don’t appeal to me, although I believe they were fairly accurately depicted and not overly dramatized.

Kleist’s book, as with much of Cuba’s history, particularly in the US, because of the nature of the US’s longstanding undiplomatic relationship with Cuba. However, Kleist’s book is also insanely popular and has been translated into upwards of 15 languages.


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