Sea Change ~Frank Viva

Sea Change, by Frank Viva, Tundra Books, May.

Date Completed: 4/10/2016

Rating: 7/10

This book really evoked mirror feelings as those it was trying to explain. I didn’t enjoy the beginning and found the pictures and word art annoying and confusing, but by the end my opinion on the book had entirely flipped around. I no longer found the images distracting and enjoyed the plot full-heartedly.

Eliot heads to Point Aconi for the summer to spend time on a fishing boat with his Uncle Earl and get out of the city. Once there, he meets a bunch of kids and hears folk legends about all the older adults, learns to like lobster and fish like a pro. He also learns things about the people he’s around that he would’ve never expected, and what he chooses to do with that knowledge shows a lot about his personal growth. A charming coming of age story with some real depth, this book was a beautiful read about the struggles of summer and the heartbreak that can come from each new adventure.

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