April Wrap Up

This month unfortunately was very slow! I hardly read any books at all. I am wrapping up my internship with the Council on Aging, finishing up my Capstone, and graduating in less than two weeks.

I started the month off strong with The House on Mango Street, a book that I somehow missed during my childhood. Cisneros writing and imagery is incredibly strong.

I also read Sea Change, another young adult novel filled with traumatic happenings and how children deal with them, in a very kid-friendly writing format. I feel like I learned a lot about children’s brain processes, making connections back to my own youth.

The Dance Gods is an outstanding novel by Kenny Pearl that I had the privilege of reading. Pearl weaves history with his personal life and back into politics in a way that opened my eyes to the world of dance and the possibilities and challenges that a New York lifestyle can bring.

Beyond the Gardens, another latina novel and coming of age story about Esperanza’s college experience filled my heart with joy at the friendships and relationships that bloomed for Esperanza.

Finally, I read Me Before You, and although I enjoyed it, I was incredibly disappointed based on all the hype that backs this story.

So, although I didn’t read very many books, there was a lot of quality in the books I did get to read. Out of all of them, I would recommend The Dance Gods.

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