Wings ~ L.C. Mawson

Date Completed: 5/3/16

Rating 9/10

Mawson’s writing style only got stronger with her latest installment of the Freya Snow series. This story flowed off the pages of the book, and as the reader, I was thrilled to be a part of the journey.

Freya develops her powers while uncovering more of her past, as in the last book, except the development moves along at a steady clip, ramping up speed for some exciting reveals. I really appreciate how each installment moves the plot forward while focusing on a different technique or micro-plot within the story itself. Readers who favor the relationship developing between Damon and Freya will certainly find the nuggets of relationship drama delightful as they’re strewn throughout the book, but of course nothing can be simple in the world of Freya.

Mawson draws complex components of the overarching plot together through this book really effectively, bringing back minor characters and hinting that they play larger roles further down the line, kicking the metaphorical can just far enough that her readers won’t forget just how many tiny moving parts there are. And I’m glad she does this, or I surely would’ve forgotten our dear friends Peter and Jamie, let alone a few of the other characters who didn’t have as big a role to play in the third book.

L.C. Mawson is definitely getting up there as one of my absolute favorite authors. You can check out her website, twitter, tumblr, or what have you. I’ve also written reviews for her other stories: Hunt, White, and the short story collection. I’m excited to continue to read her stories and see which direction she heads in next!!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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