I did a thing… unfortunately it’s not a book review.

For those of you noticing my irregular posting and/or lack of posting in general, here are some photos that explain my absentia. 13087608_10100130269920160_2502485889729847823_n.jpg635988334908571984-0515-Warren-Wilson-Commencement-2016-21.jpg13165969_10205882083361664_9143694898313255749_n.jpg13240080_10205882069241311_8963356578096573873_n.jpg

My housemates and I all graduated from college yesterday! And what a beautiful day it was. Long time friends came in from out of town, most of my family was able to be here to celebrate with me, and we had a wonderful joyous celebration! On top of that, I’m grateful that we each have a job in our fields moving forward, I have a house to live in for another year, and lots of support from everyone around me.


Looking forward to summer and having more time for book reviews though for sure!

2 thoughts on “I did a thing… unfortunately it’s not a book review.

  1. Big congratulations to you, Devon, on your graduation. It’s amazing that you have been able to complete your program while reading so much outside of school, as well as writing all of your thoughtful reviews. All the best.

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