The Freya Snow Pup Trilogy ~ L.C. Mawson

Hey! Shameless plug for one of my favorite authors!

L.C. Mawson, who has now written three books in the Freya Snow series in addition to a short story collection and a prequel, is now selling the trilogy as a boxed set, available through Amazon kindle!

Freya Snow has quickly become one of my favorite series that I look forward to each time the author reaches out to me.

Freya, a young orphaned girl who deals with the daily struggles of life from demon hunting to balancing her autism, discovering her sexuality and her magic, takes readers on a whirlwind adventure through her life, both the ups and the downs. If you enjoy YA of any kind, feel frustrated about the lack of diversity in literature, enjoy creative fantastical endeavors, and want to support an excellent budding indie author, please please PLEASE give L.C. Mawson a try. She’s amazing, and I love these books.

You can read my other reviews of her books: Hunt, White, Wings, Freya Snow Short Story Collection.

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