Carry On ~ Rainbow Rowell


Date Completed: 6/1/2016

Rating: 8/10

I went into this book with mixed reviews. I knew that lots of people loved it, but I was also concerned that it would read too much like a knock off of Harry Potter. The premise is this: Simon Snow discovers his magic at the age of 11 and goes a a school for Mages where he meets his best friend Penelope, who is wise beyond her years and smart to boot, and his roommate Baz. The novel Carry On is fictional  fanfiction of the Simon Snow series written by another of Rowell’s characters that we met in Fangirl. So we have layers within layers. They are in their sixth year and the Humdrum has grown more powerful and it’s time for some decisions to be made.l-

After several chapters, maybe a hundred pages, I stopped focusing on the similarities between Carry On and Harry Potter and became fully absorbed in the story, where I remained until I finished it several hours later. I found Rowell’s use of pop-culture in the spells catchy and humorous. Her characters were likeable and their interactions stirred emotions within me. I found myself grinning when Baz and Simon were flirting or tumbling over their interactions with each other. I felt like Penny and Simon’s friendship was so cemented and natural. It takes real talent to translate emotions from observation into media that feels real, a talent I feel Rowell possesses. She communicates emotion very effectively in that she makes the reader feel right along with the characters. I felt the same way reading Fangirl.

I don’t think I really got anything out of this book other than happy amusement for the time that I was reading it, and it was quite a welcome distraction from Rush Limbaugh. As I mentioned, I was fully absorbed in the story and went into a warp hole where I heard nothing outside of Carry On for the duration of the novel.

Rainbow Rowell is the popular author of Eleanor and Park , Fangirl, and more.

I received I copy of this book via in exchange for an honest review.


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