Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment ~ James Patterson


Date Completed: 5/19/2016

I recently decided to take a trip down memory lane and reread the Maximum Ride series as the final book was recently released. I read several of these in my youth, and remember enjoying them, but recalled hardly a detail. I invited my roommate down this rabbit hole with me, so I figured I’d review these books a little differently than normal, more like an interview between the two of us.

Maximum Ride is the story of six genetically modified children who have grown up and bonded together. It details their quest for freedom and their unraveling of their own mysteries of where they originally came from. Along the way they run into (of course) bad guys known as Erasers who are also genetically modified children.

Questions for Delia:
Q: What were your expectations going into the book?
A: I only expected that I would enjoy it. I didn’t know anything about it, not that it was about bird kids or science experiments of anything like that.
Q:What did you like? What didn’t you like?
A: I have to say I liked the fact that his writing style is really written for the Audience he was writing for; it made it accessible. I liked the premise, some of the rebellion might be a little tired, but I liked how he balanced science with YA. The bird kid vibe was new. There’s something about the main character, I don’t exactly like her but i do like her, she’s annoying. I kept going cause I want to see where it goes and my question never gets answered.
Q: What did you anticipate most in the second book?
A: I anticipated more answers, because there were so many questions. I didn’t really anticipate anything going into the second book.

Questions for Devon:
Q:When you were rereading the book, did you feel as into it as you were when you were younger?
A: I was remembering the book differently than how it actually happened. I think in rereading it, I felt like the overall tone was more condescending. The first time I read this book was in 6th or 7th grade and I didn’t notice that as much. I still enjoyed the experience, but I felt less likely to recommend it. I’ve also never read any of Patterson’s adult books, and I’d be interested in seeing how he writes to an older audience.


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