Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports ~ James Patterson


Date Completed: 5/26/2016

The third installment starts out with a bang. Max is on the quest to save the world with new leads on how to even begin. They have visited the Site headquarters in Florida, but that’s not the body of the Hydra, so to speak, just one of many heads. However, tensions are high between Max and Fang, as Max believes they need to continue their mission to save the world while Fang wants to hunker down and enjoy life with the flock. Fang wants to disseminate information publicly through his blog, Max thinks they would be better off on their own making progress by themselves. Finally, following a capture, throwing Ari into the mix doesn’t help tensions and Fang desires to split off, taking Iggy and the Gasman with him.

Questions for Delia:
Q:How did you feel when the group decided to split up?
A: I felt like it was stupid and I knew they would get back together.
Q: What do you think of the budding romance between Fang and Max?
A: I like it but at the same time it feels forced.
Q: How would you feel if someone suddenly told you that everything you have experienced had just been synthetically produced in a laboratory setting? How did you feel during that scene?
A: Oh, that bullshit. Um, I thought it was ridiculous that they tried to add that plot twist that every author tries to add and it’s just not a good idea! It’s tired. I felt approximately the same as that episode in Buffy where she gets pricked by a demon and hallucinates that she’s not a vampire slayer after all she’s just insane. Because it’s pretty ridiculous.

Questions for Devon:
Q: How do you feel about the romance?
A: I remember being really into it when I was younger, but now it feels forced. But I have to say I’m still rooting for them to be together because I want them to be happy.
Q: How did you feel about finding out who Max’s mom was?
A: I remembered that from before so it wasn’t surprising. But I remember being happy that at least one nice thing I ng happens to them that doesn’t feel forced either. And on top of that, her mom is a powerful role model for women and female dynamics that I think this overarching story needed.

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