Ten Things I Hate About Me ~ Randa Abdel Fattah


Date Completed: 6/28/2016
Rating: 7/10

Although straight forward in themes and morals, this story was presented gracefully with enough humor that the possibly tired plot was quite enjoyable. I loved exploring race and high school politics with the main character, Jamie.

Jamie is a sophmore in high school. She dies her hair blknd and wears blue contact lenses to hide her heritage from the school. At home she goes by Jamilah and participates in Lebanese-Muslim culture with her family. She’s not allowed to go out with friends per her dad’s request, which is a source of conflict for her because she wants to have a social life and not be seen through prejudiced eyes. Her biggest refrain is that she does not want to be seen as just another stereotype.

Although this book was written rather simply, I enjoyed getting to know he characters. Farrah filled this book with quirky lines like, “Man, I was angrier than a constipated giraffe.” This is definitely a book better suited for a younger audience, but it does speak simply about race, stereotypes, prejudice, and how to navigate being true to yourself. Set in Australia, I got a new perspective on racism/race dynamics in another country, as so much of what j here about is just racial tension in the US or sometimes Latin America. And, or course, who doesn’t love a book with strong family ties and a happy ending? Ten Things I Hate About Me definitely has a 90s family movie kind of vibe, and I loved it!

Randa Abdel Fattah works as both a writer and an attorney in Australia. She is a self proclaimed chocoholic . Shes an active member of the interfaith community and supporter of Palestinian human rights movement. This is the second book she has written.

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