Cubanita ~ Gaby Triana


Date Completed: 7/1/2016
Rating: 7/10

Although pretty typical, this book was also filled with grace. Isabel Diaz, a Cuban American girl, works at a summer camp each year. This year she has recently broken up with a long time boyfriend and funds herself falling for an older counselor. This the story of her love interests, her family,  and how they interact.

I loved the conclusion of her relationship with the older counselor. It was perfectly suited for how I felt about the situation, and remarkably surprising and an act of courage on Isabel’s part. Books about family in the YA genre are always a little tricky because they often end up being about rebellious teens and how they end up needing their family in the end and discovering that their parents were right all along. I understand that sometimes that truly is the case, but sometimes it irritates me because it seems like a fabricated moral to the story designed to prove that parents are always right, which is not in fact always the case. So unfortunately that was how the ending of this story played out, but I did like that Isabel was able to reconcile her Cuban American roots with her personality. The conclusion was very positive and good natured.

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