Tina’s Mouth ~ Keshni Kashyap, illustrated by Mari Araki

Date Completed: 7/12/2016
Rating: 9/10

Yet another excellent book, this graphic novel captivated my creative brain and inspired my own journalistic pursuits, even though it is fictional! At first I thought the cover looked a little too teenager-y for my tastes, but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of both Araki’s drawings and Kashyap’s story line.

This is the existential comic diary of a girl named Tina, and although she has the usual drama of high school life, Tina’s diary is very thoughtful from this existential point of view. I felt very connected to her goals and desires and rooted for her on every level of my being. I spent a great deal more time going over Camus than Sartre in high school, so it was fun to get a bit of a high schooler’s perspective on Sartre as well.

I again really appreciated the real-life approach to stereotypes and how they affect everyone, including and especially high school age people. Tina’s observations, while not always astute, helped me feel more in tune with the frustration that comes with being racially stereotyped.

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