The Yard ~ Aliyyah Eniath

The Yard ISBN 9789386050168 PDF epub | Aliyyah Eniath ebook ...

Date Completed: 9/7/2016

Rating: 6/10

The Yard is a love story, and more than that the story of family. Behrooz and Maya grow up on the Yard together, in Trinidad, but Behrooz has always been an outsider and Maya has a desire to explore the world. Her free spirit gets her in trouble often, but she’s on the way to creating her own adventure and discovering a life for herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The author moved us through time with grace and ease. Readers were privy to characters faults and flaws, making this a very believable drama. Maya and Behrooz’s character developments were, understandably, the broadest out of all the characters. However, Eniath made sure to focus on each side character individually as well. There were few throw away characters, which made it easier to follow the storyline.

Although the writing style flowed overall, there were times when the author connected verbs with inanimate objects to create imagery that simply bothered me and distracted from the story. I also found that reading the back cover gave away all major plot points, and was disappointed that there wasn’t more left to be uncovered.

Overall I enjoyed this story. The diversity of the characters, their interests, and education made for a fascinating drama. I believe Eniath shows great potential fordown the road.

Aliyyah Eniath’s book is probably somewhat autobiographical as she hails from Trinidad and has ancestral roots in India. This is her debut novel. Eniath is a literary director of a magazine, and an editor of another. You can read more on her website

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