Brave New Weed ~ Joe Dulce

Date Completed: 11/15/2016 Rating: 7/10 Be prepared to learn a ton of things that you most likely would never have known about weed unless you are incredibly involved in the weed community, most likely a budtender/seller in California. Going into reading this book, I thought I knew some things about what the world of weed … Continue reading Brave New Weed ~ Joe Dulce

Dorothy Must Die ~ Danielle Paige

Date Completed: 11/6/2016 Rating: 6/10 This was a short and sweet read. I zoomed through the pages, probably something to do with how simply written this book was. It was incredibly easy for me to glide over the pages. Nothing much of substance happened in this book, and what did happen was reiterated time and … Continue reading Dorothy Must Die ~ Danielle Paige