The Haters ~ Jesse Andrews

Image result for the haters

Date Completed: 10/24/16

Rating: 4/10

Having just read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, I was eager to begin Andrews’ new book. Unfortunately I felt similarly towards the characters in this book as I did in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, but this time the plot was not at all interesting to me.

Wes and Corey are students at a jazz band camp and have been friends for quite some time. They meet Ash, this girl who is too cool and too punk for jazz band camp, become friends, and ditch the camp to take an epic road trip adventure to tour their new band.

I literally had no interest in this plot whatsoever. It was funny, but not quite funny enough to pull me in. Whereas in the last book Andrews wrote, Andrews’ writing style felt quirky and refreshing with the constant changing of styles, such as check boxes, script, bullet points, etc., this felt overdone and not quite as fresh. Also it felt like Andrews was trying just a bit too hard to be profane any chance he could; all the cussing didn’t quite feel as natural as in his other book.

About halfway through I realized I just didn’t want to keep reading this, it wasn’t getting any funnier, etc, etc.  So I stopped. And here I am writing this book review. I wouldn’t recommend this book.

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