Dark Matter ~ Blake Crouch

Date Completed: 12/16 Rating: 10/10 I started reading this book as part of my Speed Dating with the Shelf series, and am so glad I decided to pick it up that day. The ARC has been on my shelf since way before August, when it was published. I tend to put off reading sci-fi because … Continue reading Dark Matter ~ Blake Crouch

My Year in Review, Challenges and more!

I feel pretty successful overall! I tried out some challenges and also had some more personal goals. I surpassed my Goodreads challenge of 70 books by reading 95! That's 25,906 pages! Now I know to shoot for even higher next year. I started with Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge, and I surpassed my own expectations, … Continue reading My Year in Review, Challenges and more!

Original Zinn ~ Howard Zinn

Date Completed: 12/15/16 Rating: 6/10 Original Zinn surprised me in that despite the content being from 2006 or even earlier, much of Zinn's message maintains relevance today. Yet at the same time, as with much modern discussion about society, his methods are quickly outdated. Original Zinn is a compilation of Howard Zinn's interviews in recent … Continue reading Original Zinn ~ Howard Zinn

The Color Purple ~ Alice Walker

Date Completed:12/7/2016 Rating:10/10 There is a reason this book is on everyone's to read list. It's because it's frankly amazing. Walker has a distinct writing style that is both descriptive and simplistic. It really drew me in. I loved the dialogue through letters as well as through recolection by the narrator/author of the letter being … Continue reading The Color Purple ~ Alice Walker