Anna and the French Kiss ~ Stephanie Perkins

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Date Completed: 11/22/16

Rating: 7/10

This book met my expectations perfectly. All I knew about it was that it was a popular YA romance novel, and it was perfectly sweet and beautiful. Perkins’ writing was not filled with big words, or stylistic in any way, shape, or form. But the simple writing flowed through the story allowing the innocent picture to form.

It was cute but forgettable. I will probably read the others in the series if I get the chance, but skimming Perkins’ writing was all too easy and I feel like this book could be easily read in one sitting. I would’ve loved to stay up late cuddled in bed with a hot chocolate while reading this novel, so if you do pick up this book, that is the situation I recommend putting yourself in. This is the kind of cozy novel that just calls for a pile of blankets and some hot chocolate.

Stephanie Perkins is a well-known YA author. She’s written this popular series as well as edited two compilation books of short stories, one summer themed and one winter themed called Summer Days and Summer Nights and My True Love Gave to Me. You can check out her website here.



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