A Thousand Pieces of You ~ Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray talks A Thousand Pieces of You | Between the Covers

Date Completed: 11/25/16

Rating: 3/10

A Thousand Pieces of You is surprisingly a multidimensional science fiction ya romance, the first book in a series. The protagonist is leaping through dimensions chasing the alleged killer of her father, seeking revenge for his death. Such a boring  book with such an exciting premise! I had great expectations and they were dashed to pieces.

I read quite a bit more than I was interested in reading. Early on I found myself drifting away from the story and soon began skimming, looking for the intrigue. Even the first major plot twist didn’t hold my interest for more than a page or two. It was incredibly disappointing. Part of the problem might have been that there was not enough background for me to care about the protagonist or other leading characters, nor was there quite enough action for me to be excited enough to care before hearing their back stories. So unfortunately for me, this book was a flop. A major flop. I quit halfway. I have no intentions of finishing it.

I’m not incredibly intrigued by Claudia Gray herself either. She seems like she should be interesting, but having read her bio, I’m not too impressed. She’s written a surprising number of books, and the third in this series recently was published, which is about when this book caught my eye. You can read about her here.


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