Witch ~ L. C. Mawson

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Date Completed: 12/11

Rating: 7/10

Witch was good. I’m glad L.C. Mawson took the time to delve into the female relationships in this book. However, this was not her best, in my opinion. This time around we didn’t see many of the older characters in the series, hardly touching on Damon or Jamie at all, not seeing much from her adoptive parents, her guardian, or many others. I know she’s out on her own, but I feel like there could’ve been more connection to her past, especially since she is so young still.

I also found the storyline a wee bit boring. It was less to do with hunting demons and more to do with making important connections in her world, which is important, but not nearly as fast paced.

Overall, I did still enjoy learning more about witch covens and how those interact with the magical world.

I actually really don’t like the cover revamp. Call me old fashioned. I do tend to judge books by their covers though and I doubt I would pick up a book with this cover. Sorry.

L.C. Mawson is from the UK, an autistic writer and author of the Freya Snow series, of which this is the fifth book! Definitely check out all her other books. I feel like the main reason I’m so critical of this installment is because most of her other work has blown me out of the water so far, so for this book to be a bit slower just slowed me down a little. She’s really a phenomenal YA author.


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