Speed Dating from the Shelf #3

ft. Dark Matter, Little Deaths, and The Wrong Dead Guy Have you ever watched your mountain of books grow so large you don't know where to even begin? This is basically my every day stance: me, cross-legged on the floor, staring at all my books longingly, yet indecisively. So I decided to speed things up … Continue reading Speed Dating from the Shelf #3

The Color Purple ~ Alice Walker

Date Completed:12/7/2016 Rating:10/10 There is a reason this book is on everyone's to read list. It's because it's frankly amazing. Walker has a distinct writing style that is both descriptive and simplistic. It really drew me in. I loved the dialogue through letters as well as through recolection by the narrator/author of the letter being … Continue reading The Color Purple ~ Alice Walker

A Thousand Pieces of You ~ Claudia Gray

Date Completed: 11/25/16 Rating: 3/10 A Thousand Pieces of You is surprisingly a multidimensional science fiction ya romance, the first book in a series. The protagonist is leaping through dimensions chasing the alleged killer of her father, seeking revenge for his death. Such a boring ¬†book with such an exciting premise! I had great expectations … Continue reading A Thousand Pieces of You ~ Claudia Gray