Gift from the Sea ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Date Completed: 1/27/2017 Rating: 7/10 Originally published in 1955, it's amazing how much of Lindbergh's insight still rings true today. Granted, as she discusses in her afterword, women are not cordoned off and zoned into places of being, but are more free to do as they please, and receive more help and support from partners, … Continue reading Gift from the Sea ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The Blind Assassin ~ Margaret Atwood

Date Completed:1/26/2017 Rating: 9/10 Margaret Atwood's writing may be just a tad too smart for me. She interlocks these three stories she's weaving like pieces of a basket, some parts are obvious, some hidden or subtle. Iris and her sister Laura, grow up with their father, the benevolent owner and manager of a button factory. … Continue reading The Blind Assassin ~ Margaret Atwood

A Piece of the World ~ Christina Baker Kline

Date Completed: 1/5/16 Rating: 9/10 A completely different retelling from any WWI/WWII novel I've read, Kline incorporates fact into her fiction in a thrilling new way. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of Christina Olson and her family, a rural bunch who live in a farm house in Cushing, Maine. She lives a life of struggle … Continue reading A Piece of the World ~ Christina Baker Kline

Cooking for Picasso ~ Camille Aubray

Date Completed: 1/13/16 Rating: 7/10 Camille Aubray has crafted a beautiful story to encompass the legend of Picasso. Celine, a modern American woman, discovers that her past holds a secret about her grandmother, but she can't quite put her finger on it. Meanwhile, readers are privy to her grandmother Ondine's own experience as she moves … Continue reading Cooking for Picasso ~ Camille Aubray

A Certain Age ~ Beatriz Williams

Date Completed: 1/6/2017 Rating: 8/10 ¬†Prepare yourself for a wild ride through both the 20's and romance. Basically every form of a relationship that could possibly exist is explored or trampled through in this novel.¬† Williams begins the story with a newspaper article, and she intersperses more articles throughout the story. A little foreshadowing, if … Continue reading A Certain Age ~ Beatriz Williams

Catstronauts: Books 1 & 2 ~ Drew Brockington

Date Completed: 12/20/2016 Rating: 6/10 This book was nothing but cute. And I mean that quite literally. There was no substance to the plot other than spoof and cuteness. That's okay, just don't get too excited. The illustrations were adorable, and I would've loved to see them in full color (I have the ARC version). … Continue reading Catstronauts: Books 1 & 2 ~ Drew Brockington