Spy Ski School ~ Stuart Gibbs

Spy Ski School

Date Completed: 12/20/2016

Rating: 7/10

Reminiscent of the Alex Rider series or Artemis Fowl series of my own youth, I have to say I enjoyed the nostalgia that was Spy Ski School. Gibbs has successfully written an action packed middle grade novel that works really well as a stand-alone book (when I first picked up this story I thought it was a stand-alone, little did I realize it’s the fourth in the series) and as the fourth part in the series. I felt the reminders of past events from past books in the series, but Gibbs didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on any essential plot points by not having read any of the other books in the series.

Spy Ski School is the adorable tale of the protagonist, Ben, who finds himself deployed on yet another mission for the CIA as part of a school assignment he’s been given. However, this one proves to have the potential to be a bit more deadly than past missions. There are mild romantic flames, nuanced friendship (think the confusing nature of middle school), and of course the action of being a spy for the CIA.

As someone who is not a middle grade reader, I felt that the vocab was very basic and found this book to be a very quick read. That’s not to say it was bad, but despite being nostalgic it was also very forgettable and overall pretty average. Nothing like other recent middle grade novels I’ve read, such as Brown Girl Dreaming, or The Outsiders.

Stuart Gibbs has worked on several popular TV shows and written several books as well. Here’s the link to the book where you can also find out more about Gibbs.


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