Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda ~ Becky Albertalli

Date Completed: 1/31/2016

Rating 9/10

This book does not have a great into, in my opinion. However, the book goes all uphill from there. Simon, a junior in High School, is obviously at a stressful point in his life. He’s figuring out where he fits in with his friends and family, making sure he keeps his grades up, working on a musical with his school. Basically what everyone in High School goes through. But he’s got a secret up his sleeve. Except Blue, an anonymous internet personality that he’s begun talking with via email, no one knows he’s gay. He hasn’t come out to anyone, not even his closest friends.

So commences the epic story of Simon coming out and finding his place in school and his family, a classic coming of age story. Albertalli hits the nail on the head with this one, really bringing a fast paced, easy to read novel that feels so relatable. I read this book in less than 24 hours, and it gave me so many emotions in such a short time span.

Albertalli switches back and forth between a classic narrative from Simon’s POV to the email exchange between Simon and Blue, a pretty classic way of telling a modern coming of age story, I’d say. However, it didn’t feel tired, and definitely switched up the pace enough to keep me interested. The friendships Albertalli crafted didn’t feel crafted at all; Simon and all of his friends felt so natural together, and their petty drama felt so naturally unfolding that I could believe I was there among them all, or hearing about it after the fact from Simon himself. I love finding novels like this, that feel so genuine and that you can see the author poured their souls into, hoping that some reader will make a connection with the story. Truly remarkable.

Albertalli is a licensed clinical psychologist who worked with kids, teens, and adults but is not currently practising. She grew up in Atlanta, GA, and you can read the rest about her on her website! Also this is her debut novel, so bully for her!



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