The Garage? Just Torch It. ~ Dylan Debilis

The Garage? Just Torch It.

Date Completed: 3/2/2017

Rating: 8/10

I’m not typically a fan of poetry , but Debilis’s work was moving. His writing is easy to read, jumping around lyrically. He writes of grief and so much more, in a way that is totally personal yet relatable. I was skeptical, when I first heard of the book, and even more so when I learned it was poetry, but I was not displeased. In fact, I would say I was pleasantly surprised that the author was able to write such a compelling collection of poetry that were all both inter-related and standalone stories.

Per Goodreads, some info about the author:

Dylan D. Debelis is a founding editor of Pelorus Press, publisher, poet, and performer based out of New York City. He is a Unitarian Universalist minister and serves as a hospital chaplain for a burn Intensive Care Unit. Dylan has been published in a diversity of influential Literary Magazines and Reviews including Prairie Schooner, [TAB] Literary Review, and The Timberline Review. He is the author of multiple other widely-circulated chapbooks including the critically acclaimed Mt. Meru in Bloom and Our Graveyard Shift. More information about Dylan, his ministry, and his art can be found at

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