Last Things: A Graphic Memoir of Loss and Love ~ Marissa Moss

Last Things by Marissa Moss

Date Completed: 3/14/2017

Rating: 10/10

This book broke my heart. A tragic, yet thought provoking memoir about living with someone who has ALS, Moss has created a heartwarming and yet deeply devastating memoir about the pain of disease and living with people who feel lost.

I haven’t had much exposure to people with ALS, only interacting with a few when I worked with the Council on Aging. However, as I wasn’t a caregiver, I wasn’t privy to the ins and outs of daily life living with such a disease. Moss provides a very detailed description of her experience, including support groups, doctors and hospitals, home life, etc. I was amazed with her perseverance and shocked at how the disease treated her husband. I cried multiple times throughout the story; Moss has a way of crafting her story so honestly that I couldn’t help but cry.

Although I have virtually nothing in common with Moss, I was able to connect to this story. I think there is something to be gained in reading this memoir for anyone who knows someone with a chronic condition or who feels like they’ve lost themselves in serving others at times.

Marissa Moss is the author of over 50 children’s books. She is the mother of three boys and I believe she lives in California. You can read more about her on her website!

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