Living Dead in Dallas ~ Charlaine Harris

Since watching True Blood with my roommate at the time back in 2012, reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels has been a bit of a guilty pleasure. I’ve read a few of the books in the past, jumped around, but now I’m going back to read the 2-5th books in the series. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot of thought provoking things happening so far in this series.

What I find interesting is the picture of rural America meets vampire scene. I guess I’ve seen a lot of urban America and vampires (take almost every vampire novel ever), and I heard a bit about the world meets zombies in World War Z, but I kind of like this perspective better. However, there are lots of cons to this book, too. Sookie seems to spend a lot of time thinking about what Bill would like or dislike. I don’t mean just thinking about it, but obsessing over how her actions would make him feel and making sure she doesn’t interact with any guys she’s attracted to because she doesn’t want to upset him. Which is weird.

And of course there’s not a whole lot of diversity… the one gay character also happens to be the only black man. So, you know, pretty basic white vampire romance novels.

I do remember liking the first one better than this, but sometimes I need a little trash in my life. I’m hoping it gets better from here.

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